Hi, I'm Peeper the Kinkajou and I live in the rainforest. I have been having so much fun and wanted to share my stories with you. You can meet my friends and learn about their unique characteristics in the Peeper & Friends section. There are even pictures of my friends, family, and the real me in the Photo Gallery. There's information on how you can have me and my friends show up at your school in the School Visits section and you can see pictures and letters from past visits. I have also created an Educational link because of popular demand from schools I have visited. To get a sneak of my books you can click on the Books link. In the Links section there's information on all my books and links to websites devoted to helping all my animal friends. There are free downloads in my Fun and Games Section that will keep you entertained for hours. If you want to ask me any questions or just say hello you can reach me in the Contact link. To find my stories you don't have to leave my rainforest just go into my Store. I hope you enjoy your visit and come back soon because I always redecorate my home for you to enjoy. Before you leave make sure you watch the National Geographic Video on Kinkajous. Always remember that our homes are important to us and you can help make the world a better place by recycling and not littering. Mother Nature is counting on you.

Peter Parente has created this charming series, which was inspired by his kinkajou Peeper, to help educate children about unique creatures and their characteristics. The stories are designed to instill in children an appreciation for nature because the only hope for some of our ecosystems' survival is in our children who are our future. Peter utilizes all of his animals in the series to teach many other moral lessons as well as to provide pure reading enjoyment for adults and children.

Peter Parente was chosen by the Disney parenting award company, iParenting Media, not only as an an iParenting Media Award winner, an iParenting Media Hot Award, but Peeper The Kinkajou was also the editors choice. Peeper the Kinkajou and Boomer to the rescue also won the Mom's Choice award. Peeper goes To Florida has been held back from publication until the release of the Peeper Television show!