Peeper is a kinkajou from the South American rainforest who is playful and adventurous. Since humans have started to move into his land there has become less to explore, and now he is looking new ways to entertain himself by seeking advice from his rainforest friends. During Peeper's search he learns about his unique friends' nature given traits before finding his answer.


Peeper The Kinkajou is the flagship book that launched the series by Peter Parente whose witty writing along with Michael Graham's charming, yet humorous, illustrations will have children and adults eager to learn more about these exotic creatures and their ecosystems. You will never look at Mother Nature the same way again.

"Beautifully illustrated with vibrant colors, "Peeper The Kinkajou" is a feast for the eyes that is sure to keep the attention of young children. "Peeper The Kinkajou" is sure to be one of those books children want to hear again and again and is highly recommended."


-The Midwest Book Review


"Interwoven with information and engaging text, this delightful book is enlivening with fascinating characters, bouncy rhyming couplets, an eye-catching jacket, and enchanting artwork by Michael Graham."


-RR Bowker's BookWire Review

Peeper meets Flash, the bottle-nosed dolphin, who guides him through the seas from South America to Florida; where he rescues a sea turtle tangled in a net, encounters a Hammerhead Shark, and is greeted by a manatee before his real adventure begins. Upon arrival in Key West he decides to stay with our author and his family who make him an honorary family member. Although Peeper has the time of his life, he realizes that a kinkajou must live in the rainforest for true happiness.


Peeper Goes To Florida had the stage set with the introductory book by Peter Parente, Peeper The Kinkajou, for his lovable character to begin his travels. Peeper encounters Florida wildlife and becomes aware of the local conservation issues during his visit. Michael Graham not only grabs you with his heart warming illustrations, he fully captures all of the beauty of the Florida Keys wildlife and nature; along with the Parente-Graham team creating another group of unforgettable characters.

Boomer is excited about his first day of school, but is also nervous because he is different. Boomer is a lavender skunk. Upon his arrival at school he tries to introduce himself but some of the other children tease him, not because of his color, but his different smell. While he is crying to his friend Roger they hear screams and run back to the school where a grizzly bear has the other children cornered. Boomer realizes why he has a different smell and uses his nature given powers to chase the bear away and save the day.


Boomer To The Rescue was created to help children relate to situations they face every day and teach a good moral lesson through the lovable skunk, Boomer. Our differences are what make us all unique and special. In Boomer's case, the same difference that was not initially accepted by the other children saved the day.